Open Carry

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

Many states also allow open carry (where your firearm is in plain view) although there are relatively few citizens who choose this method for carrying their firearm. Some states allow open carry without a permit, while other states allow open carry with your concealed firearm permit. Those who do choose this method often do so for educational purposes or public awareness–or simply to exercise their rights. On the other hand, many people choose to conceal their weapon to avoid the public noticing their firearm.

Tactical Advantage of Open Carry

Tactically, it is also much quicker to draw a firearm from an exposed position rather than a concealed position. There is discussion about whether or not open carry will deter a criminal should he see your firearm before or during an attempted crime, or if you would just become the first target so as not to interfere with the crime. Obviously, each situation would be different and there is no way to know beforehand how a firearm would effect a criminals behavior. This is a personal choice (where the law will allow).